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My Dad died unexpectedly last week at the age of 76. My family and I are going to miss him terribly. I thought for sure we had another 10 years with him at the very least. I have him to thank for being in games in the first place. He bought our family an Apple II+ when I was in 8th grade. Back then $2,000 on a Navy salary was a serious investment. I can remember my Dad typing in those BASIC programs from one of the Apple magazines. He had a lot of patience to sit there and enter that stuff line by line. Sometimes 15 pages worth. Wow. I remember sitting there going through those programs and tearing them apart trying to understand. Eventually I did. I even learned 6502 and eventually got my first professional gaming job making a game in it. All because my Dad got us a computer and thought playing games was a pretty damn fun thing to do!

He and my Mom also funded my D&D habit. They didn't think it was weird at all that my friends and I would rather hang out at our kitchen table and play all weekend instead of going out like the other kids. My Dad also never told me for a second not to pursue my dreams of making games for a living. He loved it! In fact he's come to the last 3-4 of our SOE Fan Faires with my Mom. He couldn't get enough! He just loved all the great people he met and even though MMOs never were his kind of game ( Dad had quite the Flight Sim habit... Including hooking a computer to his big screen TV at home) he loved seeing all the wonderful people at our events. 

My Dad and my Mom gamed together all the time.. Well in the same room anyways. When he wasn't playing on the TV he would be up on his office PC flying away and my Mom would be playing Pogo on hers. I guess after nearly 50 years of being married ( it would have been 50 this October) they could still hang out in the same office and have fun. 

I'm going to miss you a lot Dad. 

I would usually sign as Smed here. You can probably guess what Dad's nickname was. 

Love your Son

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