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Well.. we're in full swing on the DCUO beta on both the PC and the PS3. It's really exciting logging in and seeing so many people having a lot of fun. We have a patch coming out on the PS3 (and the PC)  very soon that should take care of the crashes and hangs (this is exactly what a beta is supposed to help us find) and address a lot of the UI issues people are seeing. We're hoping to get it up sometime this weekend or Monday (unlike the PC we have to work with our sister companies SCEA and SCEE to coordinate the patch so it takes a bit more time).

Check out this awesome player made video of PvP


One of the better one's I've seen.

Personally I play on the PvP server. It's a lot of fun to see all-out hero vs. villan fights. We're working on the balance and tuning at a furious pace, but it's a blast.

Look for an annoucement on the launch date in the very near future.

In other news - early next year we will have announcements about Planetside Next followed by a beta. I can say this - it's coming along awesome. I can also say that the first beta testers are going to be current Planetside subscribers. I've gotten a lot of email from current players offering to help test the game and we're going to take them up on it.

One final thing - Magic the Gathering Tactics is going to be released here very shortly. We're nearly done with the game. If you're a Magic geek like me, you're going to love this game. We really hope to bring Magic to another dimension and attract a lot of strategy gamers. I happen to love Magic and I love games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Might and Magic.. and our game is really a great blend of all of those games. Plus it's F2P, so you'll be able to try it out for free.

Hope you all have a great Holiday season!

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I don't need Christmas presents, you just made my whole year in one single paragraph! Aside from Core Combat and the lack of RPG/Customisations elements, PlanetSide was a blast and I can't wait for an updated version.. omg my whole clan is up for that (the-syndicate-clan.com).

Mark (WinterMJ on PlanetSide)
Editor of ISPreview.co.uk
There is a huge/growing amount of people tired of the current games. They all seem to want VG but not with it's low population. Why not come out and ask players to come back to prove that VG is a viable game in todays MMO market? VG would be huge if you guys just ask for the numbers. Tell them to try it for a month unlimited for free. That's how you give VG the fair chance it never got.
P.S. If you don't believe just enter a beta and see the amount of posts screaming for the days of EQ and missing VG.
I loved playing the first Planetside! I can't wait to try out the new one. Great news!
Many folks have commented on many of their favorite aspects of PS, desiring that they make an appearance in PS Next.

I have one of my own: The anti-grief system. It was extremely effective while I played (many moons ago). Aside from the occasional deliberate smack up side the head on someone who needed it, there was virtually no "blue on blue" that wasn't an accident, and not much of that either.

On another note, I'm a little concerned when PS Next is referred to as an "FPS action game" elsewhere. I don't see "MMO" in there anywhere. Something like Gears of War set in the PS universe might be fun... but in my eyes it would lose some of what makes PS Planet Side. I could just as easily be making mountains out of market-speak, so I'm not going all judge-y until I have more facts.

I suppose a more standard FPS would be fine so long as the teams were large enough to get that Massive Combat Feel. That was always PS's key selling point for me. No one could even come close to the feeling of the Great Big Battles my company[s] had in PS. Rolling into an enemy flank with a squad of tanks, driving them back to the wall of their base... good times... good times...

And then 1-man BFRs came along. Bleh.
Glad somebody in the media finally brought this up. http://jezebel.com/5716231/superheroines-always-get-superboobs
I've been google'ing Planetside Next since this was posted, hoping for some more info! I'm so excited for this game- as just about everyone has said, PS was the BEST game for a very long time. Yes, BFRs and Core Combat did not turn out so hot, but if you remember everyone was clammering for changes, expansions, tweaks, etc. so the community is somewhat to blame for those failures.

The persistent world is KEY to a successful Planetside Next. Good guilding/outfit management will be a huge as well. I believe one of the big sucesses of PS was the ability for large squads to coordinate attacks, and to be a requirement for taking bases. Poor communication meant that an attack would fail without a zerg being involved (good to have options though!).

Other idea- access to download an xml(?) sheet of stats for your guild to post on a website. Also, a way to sync up guild websites to the game via events (i.e. plan it on the website, then it can inject it to SOE server and it shows on the guild's roster/white board, then after the event download the stats from the event).
With our guild in other games, we coordinate from our website as folks want to be able to see whats up from work or on a cell phone. I've developed several ways to integrate the website to the game, but without any *real* integration its way too much work.

Ok, I'm blabbering. Keep the updates coming! My whole group is super, super pumped for this one.

I loved Planetside. Its one of my favorite MMOG's all-time. Atm i fear that it will be instanced like all the other new pseudo-mmogs, like dcuo and the agency. the past showed several times, that these instanced type of games wont work on the pc and the console gamers dont care either for a game. the only chance ps2 would be a success, would be if it has no instances.

ps1 + modern graphics + some new features and i and several of my friends would buy a lifetime subscription :)
Cmon Smed, give us a *little* more info. My brain hurts from reading the thousands of posts speculating on what the story is with PS:Next! :)
Come on, you said early next year and its been a whole 10 days already!

I honestly dreamt about PS2 last night, and all the dream involved was looking at a site which had concept art.

Re: PS News?


9 years ago

8 years ago....May 20, 2003
Was the release date of the greatest game ever made (Planetside). I remember thinking, man in 10 years games are going to be so f'ing amazing.

Yet, they are quiet the opposite. Thanks to console profits, we've seen developers scale back, rather than scale up. The console creates a lowest-common-denominator. The console removes the need for innovation.

Thank you for taking a leap of faith and making (only the 3rd) MMOFPS for the PC.

The nostalgia can go on for days on this game. From making all the continents Blue, to setting the single server population record for a MMO in 2003 - All I know is that I made friends for life in that game and they all feel the same way as I do.
Hey Smed,

I haven't been this excited about a game since I was leading leading hot drops in the first Planetside.

Aside from having an active Planetside account, how can I get into the beta? I'd love to be part of the testing team.

Much love,

(Jaxbrain - New Conglomerate 4 life!!!)
ha, I will experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it’s truly amazing, thanks.

I played planetside for about 4 years. It was and still is my favorite game I've ever played. I loved the mixture between the FPS and MMO. It was great how the bases and towers were all the same to avoid confusion during a battle.
Is there any way I can apply to the Planetside Next beta? I still have my station account. If there's a spot on the beta open, where can I go to apply to join?
Great site, very impressive.

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