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Well.. we're in full swing on the DCUO beta on both the PC and the PS3. It's really exciting logging in and seeing so many people having a lot of fun. We have a patch coming out on the PS3 (and the PC)  very soon that should take care of the crashes and hangs (this is exactly what a beta is supposed to help us find) and address a lot of the UI issues people are seeing. We're hoping to get it up sometime this weekend or Monday (unlike the PC we have to work with our sister companies SCEA and SCEE to coordinate the patch so it takes a bit more time).

Check out this awesome player made video of PvP


One of the better one's I've seen.

Personally I play on the PvP server. It's a lot of fun to see all-out hero vs. villan fights. We're working on the balance and tuning at a furious pace, but it's a blast.

Look for an annoucement on the launch date in the very near future.

In other news - early next year we will have announcements about Planetside Next followed by a beta. I can say this - it's coming along awesome. I can also say that the first beta testers are going to be current Planetside subscribers. I've gotten a lot of email from current players offering to help test the game and we're going to take them up on it.

One final thing - Magic the Gathering Tactics is going to be released here very shortly. We're nearly done with the game. If you're a Magic geek like me, you're going to love this game. We really hope to bring Magic to another dimension and attract a lot of strategy gamers. I happen to love Magic and I love games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Might and Magic.. and our game is really a great blend of all of those games. Plus it's F2P, so you'll be able to try it out for free.

Hope you all have a great Holiday season!

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