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What Planetside Next means to me

We all have our vices. For some gamers RPG's really do it for them. One of the things I've always loved about SOE is that we built our company on the core idea of making games across many genres, and that includes the world's first MMOFPS, Planetside.

I love Planetside. I really do. It's an amazing game. you won't find any other FPS where you can have a 100 vs. 100 battle raging. And we pulled this off 5-6 years ago.

There's a great description of a Planetside battle here:


I really couldn't sum it up any better than that. To me the idea of a massive firefight on that kind of scale is why I'm a gamer. 

Planetside had a lot of really great things about it, but it also had some frustrating things. The whole Sanctuary concept is something that slowed things down too much. We also didn't get people back into the action quickly enough.

But the core of Planetside - massive battles with vehicles and infantry was something we nailed really well.

To me, Planetside Next means we get a chance to take the essence of everything that was fun in Planetside and make it a lot better. Massive battles on a scale no other FPS will touch. None of this 64 player stuff. REALLY MASSIVE. With much better organization, and a tight focus on making sure the action is always going on, with awesome graphics.

Damn I love Planetside. I really do.



I have to agree with what everyone else says when they dont believe that you "love" PlanetSide. This game REEEEEALLY got the shit end of the stick, and I do blame you. But I forgive you if you can make things right again, by starting to give PlanetSide the attention it deserves while PlanetSide 2 is in development.

You should consider removing BFR's for a short period of time as an "old-school" event. This will also give everyone a clear indication of whether or not BFR's are better or worse for PlanetSide. I first played PlanetSide long after BFR's had been out, but I can see why they had a major negative impact on the game. You guys also HAVE to update the PlanetSide game engine, the performance is just unacceptable for a first person shooter. DirectX 9 please. There are plenty of efficient game engines for FPS'es that already exist that you could use.

PlanetSide Reserves should ALWAYS be around. Honestly, I dont think that alot of people want to pay to play an FPS when there's so many hundreds of thousands out there for free already. PlanetSide, in it's current state, is most definitely NOT something that I'd consider paying money to play, let alone $15. Also, raising the price on a monthly fee for a game that already received little to no development was just STUPID. This game needs actual developers again, dont fire them!

If you love PlanetSide, I'm sure you'll agree that alot of the ideas presented are for the better. I really hope that you are planning on giving this game the treatment it deserves. You can bring it back to life, you're the head-honcho, and I hope you do what's right for your paying customers.

August 2012

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