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Michael Rowland wrote
on August 23rd, 2012 at 08:38 am

"Game Modes"

Hi John,

Thanks for your post - it was very enlightening and good to see some insight on your thought process and ideas for the future of the game.

I would like to see the addition of "Game Modes" that we see in other FPS games. These would be dynamically contained within the game, triggered by player actions or timed intervals.

-You could have a train supplying resources between bases that players can fight for control and push/pull between bases. The supply trains could carry resources that can be stolen. Outfits could cut resources to particular bases and "siege" them more effectively. This would create more strategy around which bases to target to isolate bases and crack their defences as a base is drained of resources and unable to spawn further vehicles.

-Research bases could enable certain technologies or enable a super weapon / vehicle and fires at intervals. The research could enable temporary stat boosts or access to particular items. The original planetside gave me some incredible experiences but in Dark Age of Camelot there were originally six castles (two per faction) that housed artefacts that could be captured and always resulted in huge battles each week over re-capturing them.

-Dynamic daily/weekly events - a large airship (think Shield base) / mech deploy with usable defensive positions, vehicle spawn, infantry respawn points. Someone mentioned D-day amphibious landings earlier but where are the hundreds of drop pods dealing death from above or huge Mech ominously approaching a base with its weapons unloading and infantry/vehicles pouring out.

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