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rolandgilead20 wrote
on August 13th, 2012 at 03:18 am

I created an account for this

I love the NPC idea and think there would be many fun uses for them!

If you have Steam, I'll gift you a copy but
Go play Section 8 Prejudice!
Every class should have a jetpack!
More hackable things around bases, so far they're just a bunch of walls and rooms.

Giant Spider Tanks with man cannons.

I can see how the NC and TR are different, but not much has been explained about the Vanu except that they tend to use energy weapons. I'm assuming they have the best stealth and electronics, although I find that simply not showing up on sensors works really well for a lot of cases in Section 8 Prejudice. What about electronic warfare? If communication is such a big deal, then surely disrupting communications could be a huge tactical advantage? Sensors? I haven't seen much evidence of sensors being a complex system in the beta footage so far.

I'll play Vanu just for their fighter alone. Feel free to give me a beta key so I can find out what makes the Vanu different!

I know that this could break the game by reducing all the buildings in the game to rubble and would be hard to implement, but I'd love to sneak up on a base, plant a demo charge, and blow a hole in the wall,

(or the base's sensors, or the base's communications, or an AA gun, etc.)

Long-range artillery would be awesome.

I understand the design enough to know why you don't include them, but LAV's would be a nice addition.

I'm taking time away from playing the Dust 514 beta to type this (I'll definitely play both).

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