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Atreju & Falcoratrayo137 wrote
on August 11th, 2012 at 06:23 pm

Thoughts Upon Idea's

Hello Mr.John Smedley,

To expound slightly on a couple of your posted idea's in a general sense for the future of "Planetside 2".

On Idea #1, allow Player Owned bases to be hackable so as to add insult to injury to an Outfits minor or major base. By hacking it from right under their noses. Even better if their is some sort of resource mineral supply depot to ransack such a structure. Thus draining a player owned base ability to self repair itself over time.

On Idea #2, besides players utilizing vehicles to mine precious resources. Allow Engineer class players to construct smaller robotic drones to mine smaller amounts for Outfit or personal use.

Idea #3, would the Forge Light engine that SOE has created. Permit for under sea environs to being created? If so the builders of the Vanu technology can have some scattered ruins under the sea. That if one holds those ruins and subsequent human built under seas bases. A buff, a landmark site like PS1, or a limited supply of rare resources can be minded from such a locale.

Perhaps a Vanu tech ruins can be placed inside an undersea cavern system that permits portals to cross from one section to another instantly. The portals can be infantry or small submersible sized craft for travel purposes.

On Idea #5, have the NPC Enemies be the Anicent Vanu themselves return disgusted at the human presence. Or Including deformed ancient Vanu zombies left behind as a failed experiment by the original ancient Vanu people as a warning to stay away.

On Idea #6, if a player population of a certain faction is lack luster in numbers. Have Npc army personnel of that faction supplement their player counter part numbers. So players of the VS aren't easily over run by the sheer numbers of TR players. Vanu Npc armies would duke it out against TR players. Besides VS Players with Command Ranks can order certain VS Npc army faction soldiers to do their strategic bidding.

On Idea #8, to have besides natural storms as you mentioned such as Dust Storms. To Have sci-fi esque storms such as a Trans-Dimensional Plasma Storm. Tying it to the story Lore of why the ancient Vanu disappeared. Such a Plasma storm for any person in it for a random set of time gets warped to another part of the continent or the world itself. So if a convoy of players vehicles and all gets caught in a plasma storm they could very well end up deep behind enemy lines.

I'll leave it at that thanks for your time in considering these notions of mine.

--- Atrayo.

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