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opticalshadow wrote
on August 11th, 2012 at 06:15 pm

from a player of planetside since 03...


im not sure why soe continues to push this idea on us, when it was brought up years ago for PS:S we made it clear we didnt like it. it violates teh cor concept of planetside, Player VS Player.

your success or failure in planetside was determined soley by you actions, vs the actions of another living breathing player, you add NPC's and thats gone, instantly. Look back to what happend the last time SOE violated a core concept of planetside, the game died, nearly over night it died. the ones who left, did not want to leave, they wanted PS back, they pleaded, we all did. we begged you to revert what you did, but we were ignored, and as a consequence, one of histories most ambitious games, and IMO what was one of the best, died.

don't let this happen to planetside 2, i beg you to listen to the community on this, listen to your customers, to the lifeforce of teh game. it might be your creation but without the players it will die. i dont want that to happen. i want planetside2 to succeed, some of my best memories in my gaming carrer came from planetside1, even now, when i talk with outfit mates or other friends, we can share our memories of our conquests on ishandar, our trek though amerish's swamps during launch, when vehicles were rare. i was there man, i was there.

and i want to be here, i want to be playing planetside for the next decade, or longer. i stood by PS1 because there was nothing else like it. but PS2 is already not far off from other games of todays era, if you continue to ignore us, if you continue to pervert the game, to violate its cornerstones of exsitence, i dont know how many of us will continue to tolerate it.

you may get new players, but if you care nothing for all the years ive given you, then maybe its all for the better.

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