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Wells Edwards wrote
on August 11th, 2012 at 05:54 pm

I love PS2 and how it looks, except for one thing.

" we're probably most similar to BF3 because like that game we have vehicles and we've chosen controls that are standard across most FPS games. "

As a old PS1 vet, I honestly feel like you guys went a bit 'too' far towards the BF3 style gameplay in 2 respects.

1) Making the Main Battle Tanks the 'one-man-army' machines from BF3 instead of leaving them as the 'dedicated driver/dedicated gunner' they were in PS1.

2) Hot-swapping of crew seats in vehicles. Catching a mag, or prowler driving around without a gunner while in a reaver use to be a 'oooo easy kill!' moment as the driver would have to exit his hatch, then hop into the gunner spot to begin shooting back at you. Now though, with 1 button press, that one-man-army player/driver can now instantly swap to the new 'secondary gunner' seat on the MBT (or any other vehicle) and start shooting at you without ever having to expose himself.

These are the only two gripes i have about PS2.. and its because i feel they take 'away' from the teamwork aspect that PS1 had/still has.

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