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Tom New wrote
on August 11th, 2012 at 10:54 am


Thanks for this amazing post Smed, cleared a lot of things up. It's also good to see some of the things from the Ideas Vault find their way in here!

Let me just get a few things out of the way before I tell you how amazingly awesome you just made your game sound:

Good to hear about outfit sizes being so huge. But are they 300 or 500? You said at one point that you could have up to 300, but then later you said you could address all 500 via voice..?

Another thing stood out to me was tanks shelling bases from cliffs. From the gameplay videos I've seen, it didn't look like the tank turrets had the vertical rotation to aim low enough to do this. I'm not imagining a tank sitting on a slope on a hill here by the way, I'm thinking of the huge canyons we've seen on Imdar that sometimes overlook bases. While I understand that the tanks obviously couldn't do this looking at 12 and 6 o'clock in relation to the tank's body, it could be possible at 3 and 9. This would also mean in order to perform this maneuver, you would have to expose your more vulnerable side armor to the people you were shelling. Layers upon layers. [:

Also, what was the reasoning behind certs for setting up a rank system? It seems a little harsh to make an outfit leader forfeit certs which he could otherwise spend on his weapons, just to acquire a feature which is bog standard in other MMOs. I also can't see people spending certs on rank-dependent voice systems when this can be achieved with 3rd party freeware like TS3 or Mumble.

Now the awesomeness. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Oh. My gosh (yes "gosh"; I'm English [;). Now I've got that out of my system... Adding destructible harvester vehicles is an amazing idea!

Love the sound of water between bases, and making the whole planet seamless. It'll be tough (I imagine the netcode is already tough enough for a single continent let alone 3 (or more if they're added - but as a friend of mine once said, netcode is what SOE do). Only thing is I'm not sure what good water vehicles would be if they have no objectives to fight over. Maybe have oil-rig bases and underwater bases in between the land based continents, or you could even have the three land based continents arranged around a future island based continent. Actually I think that's an amazing idea, I'm gonna flesh that out below.

Island based continent! Like the archipelago map type in Age of Empires, only with objectives in between the islands. That. Would be frickin' awesome. Then you could have little D-Day-esque landings to take over bases on islands and stuff, with amphibious tanks and troop transports. Or you could add certs to make existing vehicles amphibious (obviously the Vanu MBT is already amphibious, not sure how that would balance - maybe you have to add a cert for traversing "deep" water?). Then more certs for increasing speed over water. Amphibious Sunderers and Vanguards, excuse me while I giggle with childish joy.

And alien invasions? I don't know, have you ever seen the Homer Simpson beer bottle opener? It comes with a speaker that, when you open the beer says in his voice "Mmm Beeeer. YES OH YES WOOHOO!". I feel like that but with bad ass aliens that want to gut you instead of beer.

A quick one this, red dot sights that mimic the central reticle. I.e., when you use a grenade launcher you get an artillery reticle in your RDS. And if you have an underslung weapon, then your RDS changes its display appropriately.

Finally, how about adding certifications to increase squad size, platoon size, and outfit size? For example, the default squad starts at 6 players, then you can cert into squad size up to 12. Adding certs to increase platoon size from 3 squads to 4 (Also, how about 5 squad platoons? That would be awesome). And starting out with a platoon size of 100, and jumping up in via certs fifties to 300.

P.S. Thunderstorms please! Mess up electronics and stuff :P

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