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Well.. we're in full swing on the DCUO beta on both the PC and the PS3. It's really exciting logging in and seeing so many people having a lot of fun. We have a patch coming out on the PS3 (and the PC)  very soon that should take care of the crashes and hangs (this is exactly what a beta is supposed to help us find) and address a lot of the UI issues people are seeing. We're hoping to get it up sometime this weekend or Monday (unlike the PC we have to work with our sister companies SCEA and SCEE to coordinate the patch so it takes a bit more time).

Check out this awesome player made video of PvP


One of the better one's I've seen.

Personally I play on the PvP server. It's a lot of fun to see all-out hero vs. villan fights. We're working on the balance and tuning at a furious pace, but it's a blast.

Look for an annoucement on the launch date in the very near future.

In other news - early next year we will have announcements about Planetside Next followed by a beta. I can say this - it's coming along awesome. I can also say that the first beta testers are going to be current Planetside subscribers. I've gotten a lot of email from current players offering to help test the game and we're going to take them up on it.

One final thing - Magic the Gathering Tactics is going to be released here very shortly. We're nearly done with the game. If you're a Magic geek like me, you're going to love this game. We really hope to bring Magic to another dimension and attract a lot of strategy gamers. I happen to love Magic and I love games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Might and Magic.. and our game is really a great blend of all of those games. Plus it's F2P, so you'll be able to try it out for free.

Hope you all have a great Holiday season!



Great news Smed. Looking forward to some of the new games. DCUO has been awesome! Our staff at Freerealmsinsider.com is always available to beta test games for you! Just let us know! The 100'th podcast last night was really sweet. Those guys are doing a great job! Thanks for all you guys do! I've worked closely with several of your employees and i must say each one has done a great job promoting their game. I'm very tempted to try eq2, but wonder where I'll find the time and or money. lol Anyhow, thanks again for this great update!


Autumn Roselake admin at Freerealmsinsider.com

What about Planetside veterans?

Hey Smed,

I played Planetside for over five years, having my 5 year service merits on several characters. I've since stopped playing, but will there be special consideration to players who were dedicated to Planetside for years on end?
I cant wait to see some screen shots or gameplay video. I agree with Corey post, will there be a way for Veterans to have a try at a beta?


As fan of Planetside and one of the many people that has put a lot of hours into playing it I'm sure, I am certainly excited to see how the second game in the franchise comes out and very thankful that you are now creating it.

Looking like I may have to reactivate my subscription to Planetside if it means possibly given the opportunity to help test this anticipated follow-up.

Can't wait to hear more in the new year!

Re: Planetside

We are all looking forward to more information about Planetside. :) On another note, I played DCUO, and that game is amazing... I am not really the type that goes for the batman/superman type games, but the PVP is INSANELY addictive and fun. You feel like you are actually a unique person in an MMO, amazing job guys.
I canceled my PlanetSide subscription many months ago when the hacking started getting ridiculous. However, I would really love to be in the beta test for PlanetSide Next.

Also, here is some advice: balance testing, all day, every day. Well maybe not literally, but my point is that you guys need to do everything you can to make sure your changes are well tested and aren't going to rock the boat in a negative way like the BFR catastrophe. That is obviously important if this new game wants to avoid a similar incident.

I highly recommend that you guys set up a system so that you can always be collecting stats about how both weapons and the game maps are being used. I never got the feeling that the developers for PlanetSide were capable of this, and it goes without saying that stat collection can be immensely useful when balancing the game.

Also, another thing I noticed is that it seemed like a relatively short amount of time between the first hints of a sequel to PlanetSide and the launch next March. I think this is a good sign, because at its core PlanetSide is great and doesn't need a lot of changes to be successful again. In other words, I hope the development for PS Next is focused on trimming the fat from PlanetSide and building up the muscles.

Anyhow, screenshots or videos from what is currently being worked on would be a great Christmas present. =)

can't wait!

As a long time player of planetside, the anticipation is tough! love fps games and the scale that planetside brought to the genre. Unfortunately I no longer subscribe as the population is not favorable. Would love to test and help make it a better game.
Happy Holidays.

Been Dreaming of this day.......

I was in the 1st beta and loved every minute of it. I've had dreams of what Planetside 2 would look like, can't wait to see it revealed.

I do have a suggestion though, REMOVE 3rd person from infantry, you can keep the 3rd person for vehicles. the game with 3rd person infantry just ruins the skill based gameplay. There's no element of suprise, plus they look silly hugging those walls looking in 3rd person. When Planetside started out no one used 3rd person like they excessively do today.

You look at all the first person shooters out today and none of them have 3rd person.

Thank You,

Smed this is awesome news!


We cant wait for the Beta to start on PS2, Its the main reason we subscribed back to the original game.

Few questions if you could anwer would be great

1: How do we contact you to apply for Beta or is it just a auto selction? I myself am a 6 year vet and have been with PS since Beta.

2: When do you think we could see some in game screen shots or gameplay vids? Even just a sneak peek!

3: Are you going to adress the current hacking situation in planetside? There is a major issue that is ruining the game right now and people coming back excited with the news of PS2 might be put off..Are there any future developments for the original planetside in place?

Please reply!

Part 2 suggestions/ideas......

Empire specific air

Empire specific artillery vehicles

Weapon attachments- supressors,scopes,etc

Bring back weather storm alerts from the map "like it was early in game". if you looked at the map you would see doppler radar effects for the storms.

Bring back the old planetside world/planet with continents on it "not the planets we have now".

In virtual training area you could test only infantry equipment on targets but could not test vehicles on targets.

Keep inventory system in and lootable corpses, plus keep trunks in

keep 2 man tanks

Improve/fix the spawn killing tubes, all people ever started doing was taking down tubes and then sit there for 15 min doing nothing. or they would sit there waiting for people to spawn and spawn camp with a medic healing. Maybe have it where you could choose to spawn on your squad leader like battlefeild.

Keep the animations for getting in and out of vehicles and aircraft.

Killstreaks/money to call in stuff would be fun and help the team, like airstrikes, artillery, turrets, equipment loadout stations, ect. You could get money by repairing, and killing things like in Section 8.

Better communications for squads/platoons, like battlefield 2 for enemy spotted and better voip

Make the knife & pistol more interesting, take the pistol for example make it where it would be quicker to switch to pistol instead of reloading. try to make the pistol worth putting in your inventory

Re: Part 2 suggestions/ideas......

I have a few ideas for psn...
But there are a couple of core things that must not change;
1 cert system - no other levelling system is as fair for new players and veterans to let them fight each other. Also make sure that no one player can do do much; 20 Certs was too many, let alone all certs unlocked
2 massive battles and maps

Re: Part 2 suggestions/ideas......

I loved the empire specific differences. The only problem was the balance issues with the empire specific AI and AV weapons. they were NEVER balanced at any point in the 5 years that I played. that has to be dealt with immediately. That phoenix has to go!!

That killstreak idea is terrible though. PS had orbital strikes, the CE takes care of all the turrets and deployables, and money? I dunno man.

Something that always irritated me was how easy it was to take out a MAX with AV weapons. Two shots and they were dead, it was madness. you couldn't do that to plain infantry!

DCUO-style action combat in EQ Next?

Any chance of the action combat of DCUO making it into EQ Next? Turbine did it with DDO, and both Vindictus and Darkfall do as well; so it can work well in a fantasy environment.

After the DCUO beta, it's just tough to go back to the old school style of MMO combat.

Awesome news!

Awesome news...just awesome!
Looking at the comments on this blog and other websites you can see that PS is still loved by its players.

Re: Awesome news!

It certainly is!

I've never been able to get hooked on an MMO like I got hooked on PlanetSide. There is just nothing like it. I'm really looking forward to the sequel. =)

Though I do wish something could be done about the hackers in the current game. I would most likely resubscribe to PlanetSide right now if I believed something was being done about the hacking. Honestly, I'm sure there are some people that would moderate the game for minimum wage if not free.

Proper handling with vehicles

Can't wait for the beta, hopefully you'll let the lapsed vets who recently picked up a sub in...

Any idea about vehicles though? How will air handle? Can we do things like loop-de-loops and barrel rolls? Would be shame if that portion of the game was neglected...

What about ground vehicles? Any particular improvements we can look forward to with their handling?

If you can't say anything about that yet, know that when videos start getting released showing off the new game, demonstrating how that part of the game feels would be very welcome...

Re: Proper handling with vehicles

Also, is the music already decided on?

What about newly reopened accounts?

I loved PS and played it a LOT. But I have to be honest and confess that I'vent played it for atleast 8 months.

Would reopening my old account help to get a spot in the upcoming Beta?

Planetside Next

Hello Smed (which btw means blacksmith in Swedish) =)

Awesome update on all of the games, but the one I am very passionate about is Planetside Next. I'm a huge fan of the original (even if I'm not currently subscribed) and I've been working on alot of game design idea's that would have improved the original. I was wondering if there is any where I can show you my ideas?

I tried contacting sony about 2 years ago with theese ides but I got bounced around inbetween people and none of them knew who to direct me to =)

Maybe you do?

You can reach me on Dennis.thornqvist[a]gmail.com if you can help me, help you =D

PS Next?!

I'm subbed to PS currently, how do I get in on this beta? I have countless hours to give to your cause :) Super stoked to hear about this mess!!

You just made my day

I don't need Christmas presents, you just made my whole year in one single paragraph! Aside from Core Combat and the lack of RPG/Customisations elements, PlanetSide was a blast and I can't wait for an updated version.. omg my whole clan is up for that (the-syndicate-clan.com).

Mark (WinterMJ on PlanetSide)
Editor of ISPreview.co.uk

Vanguard suggestion for subs

There is a huge/growing amount of people tired of the current games. They all seem to want VG but not with it's low population. Why not come out and ask players to come back to prove that VG is a viable game in todays MMO market? VG would be huge if you guys just ask for the numbers. Tell them to try it for a month unlimited for free. That's how you give VG the fair chance it never got.

Re: Vanguard suggestion for subs

P.S. If you don't believe just enter a beta and see the amount of posts screaming for the days of EQ and missing VG.
I loved playing the first Planetside! I can't wait to try out the new one. Great news!

Things to keep.

Many folks have commented on many of their favorite aspects of PS, desiring that they make an appearance in PS Next.

I have one of my own: The anti-grief system. It was extremely effective while I played (many moons ago). Aside from the occasional deliberate smack up side the head on someone who needed it, there was virtually no "blue on blue" that wasn't an accident, and not much of that either.

On another note, I'm a little concerned when PS Next is referred to as an "FPS action game" elsewhere. I don't see "MMO" in there anywhere. Something like Gears of War set in the PS universe might be fun... but in my eyes it would lose some of what makes PS Planet Side. I could just as easily be making mountains out of market-speak, so I'm not going all judge-y until I have more facts.

I suppose a more standard FPS would be fine so long as the teams were large enough to get that Massive Combat Feel. That was always PS's key selling point for me. No one could even come close to the feeling of the Great Big Battles my company[s] had in PS. Rolling into an enemy flank with a squad of tanks, driving them back to the wall of their base... good times... good times...

And then 1-man BFRs came along. Bleh.

Concern for DCUO

Glad somebody in the media finally brought this up. http://jezebel.com/5716231/superheroines-always-get-superboobs


I've been google'ing Planetside Next since this was posted, hoping for some more info! I'm so excited for this game- as just about everyone has said, PS was the BEST game for a very long time. Yes, BFRs and Core Combat did not turn out so hot, but if you remember everyone was clammering for changes, expansions, tweaks, etc. so the community is somewhat to blame for those failures.

The persistent world is KEY to a successful Planetside Next. Good guilding/outfit management will be a huge as well. I believe one of the big sucesses of PS was the ability for large squads to coordinate attacks, and to be a requirement for taking bases. Poor communication meant that an attack would fail without a zerg being involved (good to have options though!).

Other idea- access to download an xml(?) sheet of stats for your guild to post on a website. Also, a way to sync up guild websites to the game via events (i.e. plan it on the website, then it can inject it to SOE server and it shows on the guild's roster/white board, then after the event download the stats from the event).
With our guild in other games, we coordinate from our website as folks want to be able to see whats up from work or on a cell phone. I've developed several ways to integrate the website to the game, but without any *real* integration its way too much work.

Ok, I'm blabbering. Keep the updates coming! My whole group is super, super pumped for this one.



I loved Planetside. Its one of my favorite MMOG's all-time. Atm i fear that it will be instanced like all the other new pseudo-mmogs, like dcuo and the agency. the past showed several times, that these instanced type of games wont work on the pc and the console gamers dont care either for a game. the only chance ps2 would be a success, would be if it has no instances.

ps1 + modern graphics + some new features and i and several of my friends would buy a lifetime subscription :)
Cmon Smed, give us a *little* more info. My brain hurts from reading the thousands of posts speculating on what the story is with PS:Next! :)

PS News?

Come on, you said early next year and its been a whole 10 days already!

I honestly dreamt about PS2 last night, and all the dream involved was looking at a site which had concept art.

Re: PS News?

Now 20 days into 2011.... The forum speculation has become rampant. Give us some facts, please!! :)

Just as I lost hope on all fronts

8 years ago....May 20, 2003
Was the release date of the greatest game ever made (Planetside). I remember thinking, man in 10 years games are going to be so f'ing amazing.

Yet, they are quiet the opposite. Thanks to console profits, we've seen developers scale back, rather than scale up. The console creates a lowest-common-denominator. The console removes the need for innovation.

Thank you for taking a leap of faith and making (only the 3rd) MMOFPS for the PC.

The nostalgia can go on for days on this game. From making all the continents Blue, to setting the single server population record for a MMO in 2003 - All I know is that I made friends for life in that game and they all feel the same way as I do.

<3 Planetside <3

Hey Smed,

I haven't been this excited about a game since I was leading leading hot drops in the first Planetside.

Aside from having an active Planetside account, how can I get into the beta? I'd love to be part of the testing team.

Much love,

(Jaxbrain - New Conglomerate 4 life!!!)
ha, I will experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it’s truly amazing, thanks.


I played planetside for about 4 years. It was and still is my favorite game I've ever played. I loved the mixture between the FPS and MMO. It was great how the bases and towers were all the same to avoid confusion during a battle.
Is there any way I can apply to the Planetside Next beta? I still have my station account. If there's a spot on the beta open, where can I go to apply to join?
Great site, very impressive.

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